All recycled bikinis are incoming!

Our swimwear is made to work. It doesn’t just look great and fit well, it’s made for the adventurous woman. Whether you’re hiking to a waterfall or surfing in the ocean, you want to do it in a bikini you can trust.

Because we're in the outdoors so much, we're committed to keeping it pristine for generations to come. 

Most swimwear companies make their lines overseas from virgin materials, with plastic packaging, hangtags and components. We’ve decided to be a leader and do it differently. 

While we have instilled elements of sustainability from the outset, starting with our 2020 line, all Sensi Graves Bikinis will be made from recycled bottles and reclaimed fishing nets, two of the most problematic pollutants in our oceans today.

Going forwards we are committed to an increased focus around sustainability and transparency in every aspect of our manufacturing and business. We will continue to use poly bags and hygienic liners that are made from compostable materials, and our hang tags and labels will be made of recycled materials. In addition,  we donate 1% of sales to environmental groups whose mission’s align with ours and we off-set all of our carbon. And these bikinis are made in our home state of Oregon!

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