The Commuter

Size Guide
Surf - Blue/Orange
Bloom - Purple/Pink
City - Black/White

There are no limits to what textiles and materials end up the landfill. So when we came across excess kite surfing sails needing new life, we weren't surprised. In fact, we were pumped to see what Looptworks could come up with for this unique material.

Enter the Commuter Tote. Made from quality kite sails that would have been discarded, but instead is reutilized and repurposed into a travel companion for your next outing. Whether heading to the grocery store or on a day trip, the durable nylon straps, lightweight polyester material, internal pockets for organization, and its small packable size make it a go to choice for everyday use. Each Tote is also backed by Looptworks' lifetime warranty, ensuring you’ll be enjoying The Commuter for years to come.

Designed in collaboration with Looptworks, the entire collection is crafted to be lightweight and tough as nails so it can endure the most demanding adventures without getting tired.

  • Made from 100% upcycled materials
  • Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 4.5 inches
  • Straps have been designed so tote can be carried by hand or as a backpack
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