Sofi Chevalier

June 06, 2017

Sofi Chevalier

Sport: Kitesurfing

Hometown: Coatreven, Brittany, France

In 2009 Sofi started kiting in France in the extremely cold water. She was really motivated and nothing could stop her, even the giant green seaweed always getting stuck in her kite lines. Her biggest achievement so far is having changed her life around to get to the point where she is now. Sofi woke up one morning and realized that she was not happy and was missing something… so she made some big choices and made a change. Today, Sofi is very proud and doesn’t regret a thing. Sofi is now married with a 9 month old baby girl traveling the world with her family, and meeting awesome people everywhere she goes. Sofi says she has learned so much about life in the last few years and still continues to be amazed by what life teaches her. Sofi’s life advice: “Don’t wait for the future to arrive when you should be living in the present.”

Facebook Page
Instagram: @sofi.chevalier

Favorite Sensi bikini? 
I love the Colleen Top in Pink Ikat.

Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/windsurf /etc. spot?
My favorite spot is Zanzibar for its huge flat lagoons, moderate winds and clear water, but I also really love my secret home spot in the north of France.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Quitting my old life where I was working as a high school sports teacher in France to come to Zanzibar where I started my kitesurfing career and where I met the daddy of my little baby girl.

Best kiteboard/surf/windsurf trip?
I have such good memories of Venezuela where I kited on the island of Coche. The water was flat like butter! I’m also in love with the beautiful and magical Island of Hawaii. I would love to go back again to practice my surfing.

Favorite place to visit?
Brazil! Without any doubt… because the people are lovely, the wind is great, and because the spirit and the lifestyle is amazing. There is such a great culture over there.

Special talent
Creating couples… yes it’s true! I have already created 4 married couples from my friends! My mum says that I could work as a love consultant

Favorite food?
Japanese and Thai food. I love eating spicy especially since I’m traveling the world and I need to have a strong immune system… spice and ginger every day.

Your dream?
Find a beautiful place on the beach to stay and see my baby girl grow with a good and healthy lifestyle.

Coolest thing you’ve seen while traveling?
The birds! I love birds, and when I’m traveling I go crazy when I see a beautiful colorful bird. Marcus is always making fun of me for that because it sounds a bit cheesy, but I’m literally in love with them and animals in general.

Favorite way to stay in bikini shape?
Kitesurfing (of course), yoga practice everyday, and eating healthy food.

Five things you couldn’t live without?
My bikinis, my family, my computer (because I need to work hard on KiteSista and it has all my music on it), my sunglasses, and my cross words (they help me relax!)

What are your 2015 goals, and any big plans for next year?
I have some private coaching in the next months and other camps, but my biggest objective for this year is to move to Tarifa by next winter. Of course I’m still working hard for my magazine, KiteSista as well as starting to work with new young kitesurfing girls to help support them in their career.

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