Malin Amle

June 06, 2017

Malin Amle

Sport: Kiteboarding

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Malin started kiting in 2008 when she went on a trip to Brazil. She already had the gear, but was not sure she would be able to learn the sport. Once she actually got up on the board, Malin was totally hooked. She decided to move to Perth, Australia to study. Malin knew it was good for kiting, so she would be able to kite a lot in her spare time. This was the best decision she ever made! After Malin finished her Bachelor degree, she chose to study online so that she could travel while studying. Malin progressed fast when she was able to follow the wind and kite almost the whole year round and also picked up some good sponsors along the way. Now, Malin is traveling around the world most of the year kiting, teaching and competing. Malin says kiteboarding has changed her for the better and she feels healthier and happier than ever before. She truly loves the sport and everything that comes with it! Meet Malin!

Facebook Page
Instagram: @malinamle

Favorite Sensi bikini? 
I love all the styles in Periwinkle!

Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/windsurf /etc. spot?
Perth, Western Australia and Ceara, Brazil.

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
That is a tricky question. Maybe following my dream of traveling and kiting no matter what the future might hold.

Best kiteboard/surf/windsurf trip?
So many good trips to choose from, every trip has something special about it. However, I really love Australia, Brazil and Egypt. As long as you are with good friends in a warm and windy spot I’m always happy.

Favorite place to visit?
My last trip was to the Philippines and I must say I really loved it. It has some amazing kite spots, as well as one of the world’s best cable parks. A board girl’s paradise!

Special talent
I don’t have any special talents. However, I believe that if you have will and passion, you can achieve whatever you want.

Favorite food?
I love almost all kinds of food. However, I prefer clean and green food! Fruit and veggies do the job for me, even though I do love sweets, especially chocolate.

Your dream?
I’m living my dream at the moment; traveling, kiting and competing. It was my dream since I started kiteboarding, and now I’m doing it. Every day I feel grateful for living a life full of passion and adventure.

Coolest thing you’ve seen while traveling?
I have seen so many amazing places, people and things so it’s simply too hard to choose one coolest thing!

Favorite way to stay in bikini shape?
Kiteboarding and wakeboarding are on the top of my list!

Five things you couldn’t live without?
My family and friends, my kites, my laptop, my iPhone and good food!

7th place PKRA World Tour, Soma Bay, Egypt 2014
3rd place Kitesurf Tour Europe, Lamezia, Italy 2014
1st place Kite division Kite Jamboree 2014, El Gouna Egypt
1st place Cable division Kite Jamboree 2014, El Gouna Egypt
1st place Freestyle, Speed and Slalom Race Funboard Cup Boracay, Philippines 2015
2nd place Hangtime, Funboard Cup Boracay, Philippines 2015
1st place Freestyle ICTSI Philippine Kiteboard Tour, Boracay, Philippines 2015
1st place Hangtime ICTSI Philippine Kiteboard Tour, Daet, Philippines 2015
2nd Freestyle and TT Race ICTSI Philippine Kiteboard Tour, Daet, Philippines 2015

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