Clémentine Bonzom

June 06, 2017

Clémentine Bonzom

Sport: Kitesurfing
Hometown: Montpellier, France

Ever since Clem was young, she’s spent a lot of time on the water surfing and sailing. When her best friend taught her how to kitesurf, it came really naturally to Clem and she was hooked. After putting in a lot of hard work training and with help from her coach, Fabio Ingrosso, she started to place in competitions (PKRA Brazil 2011, 3rd place!), and soon became a sponsored rider for North Kiteboarding. Now Clem is enjoying her life as the editor of Stance Magazine. Although she no longer has enough time to follow the world tour, she is always traveling and shooting new kite videos. You can check out her latest one below!

Favorite Sensi bikini? 
Hard to say… But I love the Claire Top with the Kyla Bottoms!

Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/windsurf /etc. spot?
Easy… Brazil!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Probably taking part in a PKRA stop in freestyle when I was just starting to learn some tricks.

Best kiteboard/surf/windsurf trip?
Too many trips… But Brazil & Cape Town are always a great compromise between kite, surf & parties!

Favorite place to visit?
I love Spain!

Special talent
Not cooking… Not cleaning… I would say I am great at chilling out and going with the flow!

Favorite food?

Your dream?
Living in the best kiting spot in the world.

Favorite way to stay in bikini shape?
Unfortunately, I don’t like to work out. For me the best thing is just doing what I love the most: spending time on the water!

Five things you couldn’t live without?
Sea, music, friends & family!

3rd PKRA Brazil 2011
7th overall PKRA 2012
8th overall PKRA 2013
3rd at the French Championship 2013

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