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March 16, 2015

By Sensi Graves Ambassador Jamie Broder

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Music. It feeds the soul. From a young age I was surround by music - my Mom singing and playing guitar in bands throughout my childhood, continuing her passion into my teen years.  I can remember road trips from Victoria to Lethbridge to visit family where we would listen to the Travelling Wilburys, Dire Straights, Eurythmics and the Eagles.  Little did I know I was getting a musical education while traveling in the back of our band-friendly brown Ford Aerostar with my two brothers.  My mom no longer plays in bands, but still sings and plays guitar from time to time, usually when I bring my friends to the house.  My dad, often found in the living room tapping his toes to one of his 5,000+ vinyl records (about ten times the number of songs in my iTunes library, mind blown!) has always been a consistent source of old and new music in my life, too. My friends and I always feel so fortunate when visiting my parents place in Victoria BC, where you can bet the wine is flowing, of course tunes blasting, and laughter filling the air.

So it goes without saying they have passed down their love of music. It’s rare that I am caught driving or relaxing at home without some kind of melody playing in the background.  Although I do have a soft spot for the classics, I also enjoy sourcing out new artists and sounds. That is where the focus lies for these favorites to follow:


Sometimes you just need some easy-listening music to help unwind from the day. Here are some of my relaxing at home fav’s:

Hunger Of The Pine – Alt-J

Dojo Rising – Cloud Control

Sinking Stone – GEMS

Under – AOSOON

Where I’m Going – Sir Sly

Collapse – Vancouver Sleep Clinic

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For me, my work is at the gym and on the sand.  I listen to these songs simply because they have a certain beat or lyrics I enjoy, or maybe it’s because they just get me fired up to crush some goals!

Klapp Klapp – Little Dragon

Lazaretto – Jack White

So Good To Me – Chris Melinchak

You’re So High – Eli & Fur

Vandaag – Bakermat


Whether I’m driving to training or on another flight around the world to a competition, these are a few that frequent my playlist:

Beggin For Thread – Banks

Say My Name (feat. Zyra) – ODESZA

Play it Right – Sylvan Esso

Dissolve Me – Alt-J

Hearts Like Ours – The Naked and Famous


“Elastic Heart” by Sia

I don’t always listen to pop tunes, but I do find this song super catchy.  The talented young dancer featured in her music videos is pretty impressive too!

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