Year End Reflection

December 29, 2014

IMG_9511 I love the end of the year; it's such a great time for reflection, appreciation, gratitude, new goals and new beginnings. As we anticipate the coming new year, I'd like to share my top 10 list for year-end analyzation and goal setting. Questions to help you stay grounded, focused, in shape and loving that life of yours.  1. What were my top 5 accomplishments this year? 2. What am I most proud of? 3. What did I learn this year? 4. What can I improve on? 5. What was my biggest obstacle this past year? 6. In what ways did I grow? Emotionally, spiritually, physically? 7. With whom were my most fulfilling relationships this year? 8. What was my biggest time waster this past year? 9. What was the most enjoyable part of my year? 10. What am I super grateful for?   End note: To delve even deeper into questions like these and much more, I highly recommend working with a  business/life coach to help you through the tough stuff. Working with my coach, Melanie McCloskey has been a game-changer.

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