What's in my bag?

August 20, 2014

Sensi Graves Bikinis' ambassadors are always on the move. From jet-setting to their next kiteboarding destination to hiking to a waterfall, these ladies like to adventure! With adventure comes the need for some necessary items that these women utilize on a daily basis. Let's get inside our athlete's bag and see what makes their lives oh so great.


1. Siren Surf Hat. Sun protection in Hawaii is a must here so I typically bring a hat and polorized sunglasses to check the surf. The hat and bag are from my company Siren Surf, @sirensurf, made at home on the North Shore.

2. TOMS Sunglasses. The sunnies are made by TOMS, I liked their “one for one” model: with each purchase TOMS helps restore site to a person in need.

3. Sensi Graves Bikini and surf leash. I always pack an extra bikini, & a leash if it is a bigger day!

4. Pareo. A pareo is perfect for the quick parking lot change, works as a towel and can be worn as a dress after sessions.

5. Alba Organics Sunscreen. I like to use an organic sunscreen like Alba, the less chemicals, the better. I also use Zinka on my face, it never runs into your eyes so you don’t get that sunscreen in eye burning sensation that can ruin any paddle out.

6. Lubricating eye drops. Helps protect from surfers eye. I try to remember to put the drops in before paddling out.

7. Vitamin E Stick & fresh aloe. These tools are great to have to treat reef scars and use on skin after sessions.

8. Nixon Tide watch. I like to wear my nixon tide watch if I have to be somewhere later in the day or surfing a tide dependent spot.

9. Fin keys are good to have to change out boards and fins, oh yea and Wax…I never seem to have enough.


1. Argan Moroccan oil: This is a great way to protect and repair your hair and it smells amazing. I use this when my hair is wet or dry. 2. MAC BB Cream: Not everyone has the best complexion, This is a light SPF 35 coverup, it leaves me with the most natural clear looking skin and is easy to apply.
3. MAC Gingerly Blush: I add a little to the cheekbones for a perfect finish after the BB Cream.
4. Tiger Balm: This is essential especially if you are always active, it soothes aching muscles!
5. Shisedo Waterproof Makeup SPF 37: I use this for ultimate protection, I come off the water without sunburn and my skin looking great.
6. Shisedo extremely waterproof face sunscreen SPF 55: This is hands down the best face sunscreen out there.

7. Vasoline Lip Balm: if you are always on the water, chances are your lips may be chapped, this has always rescued my lips. Best chapstick I have ever used.

8. Lakme Hair Sunscreen: For some of us on the water constantly, your ends may get bleached by the sun and break off, this helps protect your hair from the sun leaving it healthier. Pair this with the Moroccan oil and you'll have the best hair out there.

-Pro kiteboarder, cable-rider and water baby Claire Lutz

1. 2XU Compression socks.  I don’t board an overseas flight without these babies on my feet!  Helps to keep the swelling down in my legs and muscles feeling refreshed after a long haul trip. 2. Vega electrolyte hydrator in Berry flavor. Replenishes electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants on the go. 3. Vega Sport Protein bar in Chocolate Mint.  This company rocks because they are plant-based, non-GMO and Canadian! 4. Accuball from Travel Roller.  I love having this in my bag to roll out any sore muscles and keep my body feeling healthy.  Great for a mid-flight back massage on pressure points. 5. Blistex Silk and Shine lip balm.  SPF 15 protects me while I’m out in the sun and it goes on smooth as butter. 6. Sensi Graves Bikini. This bikini is my go to because it’s so versatile.  Fits my active lifestyle perfectly and helps me look super cute while on the move! Other items: Journal, hair tie and bobbie pins, Clinique mascara, Rollerball fragrance, Passport, iPod and headphones, 30 SPF sunscreen, and Oakley sunglasses. -Professional Beach Volleyball player Jamie Broder  
1. P20 Sunscreen. I protect my skin with P20 because it's fully waterproof and never leaks into my eyes. 2. Lip Balm. There's nothing worse than having dry lips so I'm always applying lip balm. 3. Maghrabian Argan Oil. My hair has been pretty sun damaged so I now apply this oil treatment to my hair after every wash. 4. iPOD. I love music- I use it during my morning stretches, to hype myself up before a windsurf/ surf or snowboard session, and when I'm traveling. 5. Sketchbook and pencils. I always carry a sketch book and coloring pencils to jot down ideas, stories, and to draw what I see around me. -Travel guru and windsurfer Maeli Cherel  


1. Hotel Lotion. Getting the opportunity to travel a lot means I see lots of hotels. I like to take the body lotion because it's the perfect size for traveling, and sometimes they smell absolutely amazing! 2. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  There's a lot of down time when you're on the road, and nothing makes it go by quickly like a great read. 3. My favorite pen. I always have this little guy on me. He's cute and reliable and always gets my thoughts and important notes down just the way I need. 4. iPhone. Specifically, the crossword app on my iPhone. Yes, my phone is great for connecting with friends and family from home, but I do love a good crossword puzzle! 5. Lara Bars. I make sure to always have some kind of food handy, because those who know me, know I can get a bit hangry sometimes! -Professional beach volleyball player Kristina Valjas

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