Welcome Shannon Skouras to Team Sensi!

August 24, 2015

We're thrilled to introduce you to our newest Ambassador, Shannon Skouras.  Shannon is a professional SUP boarder, mountain biker, skier, and photographer.  Based in Naches, WA, she has devoted herself to a life of travel and exploration with her soon-to-be-husband Andy Mahre and dog Lukos. We look forward to hearing more about her adventures. Welcome to Team Sensi, Shannon! Read on for more about this rad woman. 1. What is your favorite place to paddle?  My hometown rivers – The Naches, Tieton and Yakima – There is a perfect mix of rapids, technical sections and mellow sections so I can work on my skills and technique right outside my doorstep. 2. What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Every time that I drop into a new set of rapids on my paddleboard, hit a new (and bigger) jump or drop on my mountain bike or rally a steep chute or cliff on my skis I feel that I am at my most daring moment. Part of being an athlete is pushing your limits, being bold, taking risks, trying new things, and not being afraid of falling… because part of being daring definitely involves falling… a lot! ☺  3. Best recent adventure? Road tripping with my partner in crime (and soon to be husband) Andy Mahre through Washington, Idaho and Utah. It was rad to be able to bike, paddle and explore every river, lake or trail that we came across. Having that freedom and being able to share the adventure with your best friend is truly an amazing thing. 4. Favorite place to visit? Hawaii and Greece are tied for me – My dad is from Crete, so the Greek Isles will always be a special place in my heart. But Hawaii is so close… and the waves (and tropical flowers) are the best. 5. Favorite way to stay in bikini shape? Mountain biking, skiing, touring, paddleboarding, running, lifting weights, practicing yoga, and trying to keep up with other professional athletes that I am shooting photos of  - And having a blast while doing it!!!  6. Favorite Sensi bikini? Colleen Top and Sophie Bottoms 7. What are your goals for the rest of 2015, and any big plans for next year? Continue exploring the rivers around Washington State via my Stand Up Paddleboard – we are planning on running the entire Yakima River from Snoqualmie Pass down. I am also continuing to host Women’s Mountain Bike Retreats and Workshops, but am adding a Women’s Stand-Up Paddleboard aspect to my business as well. I just love getting ladies out on the water and on the trails and helping them to learn new skills and gain confidence that they never knew they had. And we will definitely be doing more road trips as well as adventures abroad – Idaho, Montana, BC and Japan in the winter are all on our list.  Connect with Shannon: www.shannonskouras.com 

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