Welcome Isabel Von Zastrow!

March 13, 2017

Welcome Isabel Von Zastrow!

Welcome our latest addition to Team Sensi, kiter Isabel von Zastrow! Originally from Africa, Issy is an expert world traveler who has been to five continents in pursuit of her passion for kiteboarding! Issy is a regular in our stomping grounds of Hood River and we are impressed with her dedication to pushing her park riding. Learn more about what's behind that sweet smile. 

I didn't discover kiteboarding until I was 18 years old when I took my first solo trip to Zanzibar, Tanzania.  I fell in love with the sport immediately and did not want to leave this bikini wearing lifestyle.  From there on, I was completely hooked and made kiteboarding my passion and my life.  To be able to dive deeper into the sport, I have traveled, lived, and kiteboarded on 5 continents doing my best to fund my next trip.  I am originally from Kenya which gives me the devotion to excitement and adventure wherever I find myself these days.  I am now on the North Kiteboarding team which helps me travel around the world to compete in the Kite Park League.
1. Fave Sensi Bikinis pieces?
The Colleen top and Kyla bottoms but I love them all!
2. Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/SUP/ diving etc. spot? Why? I love Hood River for park riding and easily Brazil for freestyle!
3. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
I climbed Kilimanjaro alone when I was 17 (with a guide of course!) 
4. Best kiteboard/surf/SUP/diving trip?
My best trip was to Taiba, Brazil when I was able to live with all my friends and kite a few sessions everyday! I progressed a lot in my kiting as well as spent quality time in the sun with amazing people. The vibes were off the charts.
sensi bikinis kiteboarding girl
5. Favorite place to visit?
I always love going back home and visiting Kenya for its pristine waters and white sand beaches.  It has everything I could want including wind and safaris!
6. Special talent?
I would say being a nomad is my special talent. Not staying anywhere for more than a few months in the last 6 years!
7. Favorite food?
Anything vegan and fresh.
8. Your dream?
My dream is to find a place to call home that has a good kite spot, my own garden, and an airport nearby to still get my travel fix.
9. Coolest thing you’ve seen while traveling?
oh that's a hard one…. probably kiteboarding amongst dolphins and sea turtles off the Kenyan coastline.
10. Favorite way to stay fit?
I always bring my TRX and yoga mat with me wherever I go and I fill up on healthy vegan food. yummmm.
issy von zastrow smile11. Five things you couldn’t live without?
my family, kiteboarding, fresh food, traveling, and a good laugh
12. What are your 2017 goals, and any big plans for this year?
During this year, I plan on attending all the Kite Park League tour stops as well as opening my own business! It’s still under wraps at the moment :) 
Follow Issy's adventures on her Instagram.

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