Welcome Alexa Hohenberg to Team Sensi!

January 26, 2017

Welcome Alexa Hohenberg to Team Sensi!



We're super stoked to welcome the woman behind Still Stoked! Alexa Hohenberg is our latest team addition. She's a big mountain snowboarder and backcountry guide with a raging passion for snowboarding, surfing, and supporting women to live their dreams. She quit a highly successful career in TV production to live by example through her women’s action sports website Still Stoked.  On a mission to break down barriers and challenge the status quo of women in the outdoors and society, she shares stories, content and connections to show other women that it really is possible to live your dreams. When not high up on a mountain freezing her tits-off she can be found living the simple life on one of Sydney’s most famous surf beaches, Manly Beach. Every waking second is spent in a bikini as she laps up as much sun and surf as she can before winter starts all over again! Follow her adventures on Still Stoked or her Instagram Q&A 1. Favorite Sensi bikini? I have been wearing the Claire top. I am a big fan of a cross back bikini for surfing. No stress on my neck and it holds you in tight. My boobs are know to get out and smack me in the face! 2. Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/SUP/diving etc. spot? Why? I spent a few months in El Salvador last spring after 6 months of snow chasing. It is a right-hand, point-break mecca! Back home in Australia, I love the central and south coast of NSW – except for the sharks, they scare me! sensi-graves-bikini-review-watermelon 3. What is the most daring thing you have ever done? Sadly, the most daring thing I have ever done is to stop doing what everyone else thinks I should be doing and start doing what makes me happy. Quitting my career to re-train as a heli-guide in Alaska and really put myself out of my comfort zone physically, financially, mentally and emotionally was terrifying. I’m still working through that challenge now employed as a professional backcountry guide but I’ve never been happier. 4. Best kiteboard/surf/SUP/diving trip? A weekend leaving Sydney to go surf with friends on the south, central or North coast of NSW cannot be beaten. Pumping waves, car camping, bonfires on the beach, no cell coverage and salty hair, skin and huge smiles. I love living in my car. I’m such a dirtbag at heart! 5. Favorite place to visit? Alaska in my favourite place on the planet. The mountains are enormous and so humbling. You can think you’re such a bad-ass and one step out of the helicopter or onto a big slope puts you right in your place. I think it is very important to be made to feel small by nature. We manage so much of our environment nowadays from air temperature to physical surroundings. It is good for your soul to go into the wilderness and there are very few wildernesses on earth like Alaska. I try to go every year. 6. Special talent? I am a classically trained fine artist and painter though I rarely get a chance to paint anymore. After high school, I received an offer to attend London’s top art and fashion school, Central St. Martins but I declined to move to Whistler in Canada to be a snowboard bum! Parents weren’t too stoked! alexa_sg_house 7. Favorite food? Asian food. I love the freshness, colour and health in every bowl! 8. Your dream? My dream is to keep doing what I’m doing. I want build Still Stoked into a bigger platform to inspire women, and watch the next generation of women come through. It is a honour and I’m thankful to be playing a small part in it. 9. Coolest thing you’ve seen while traveling? How people change on a deep level. The sort of light-bulb moment that inspires them to make huge changes in their life. This happened to me and I love being there when other people have the same experience. It happens a lot especially in high energy, simple places like the mountains. 10. Favorite way to stay fit? There is no fitness like surfing. You use every twitch muscle in your body. I love how strong I feel after surfing regularly. I balance that strength with yoga to stay supple (so important).  Splitboarding is good too – there is nothing like the silence above the tree line in the mountains. It is such hard work. 11. Five things you couldn’t live without? Gratitude My breath and yoga that inspires me to focus on it daily A solid surf bikini with thick cross straps (the Claire is my go-to) Snow Surf 12. What are your 2017 goals, and any big plans for this year? I’m hoping to apply for some government funding to produce a film about the women who hold important roles behind the scenes in remote, adventure locations. We always see what is in front of the camera with athlete stories but there is a whole world behind it in the logistics, safety, camera work and route planning that I think is far more interesting. I want to tell those stories and inspire more women in these roles. There are not enough of us and there is plenty of space for us to step into them!

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