Top 5 Adventure Podcasts for Women

February 18, 2019

Top 5 Adventure Podcasts for Women

 Shelby Stanger Wild Ideas podcast

Wild Ideas Worth Living

Shelby Stanger is no stranger to the outdoor lifestyle. An avid surfer, adventure journalist and passionate story-teller, Shelby interviews athletes, author's, chefs, CEO's and more about how they're getting wild. 

Shelby's high-impact storytelling empowers others to live their passions, and get outside. This has been one of my favorite podcasts of late. It's just that good!


The Common Stitch

A "hub for tales for the outdoor enthusiast", host Katie Hitchcock interviews a broad selection of outdoors people ranging from skiers to photographers to farmers. She looks at how industry plays a roll in this global community and focuses on bringing the stoke to her listeners. 

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katie for a recent interview. She was prepared, professional and full of energy. You can feel her excitement for sharing stories and engaging in interesting conversation throughout her episodes. Listen to that episode here.


She Explores

The main premise of She Explores is to inspire meaningful connection over time spent outside. A rallying call we can all get behind! The podcast features interviews, narrative stories and unique profiles revolving around women in the outdoors. 

Hosted by Gale Straub and covering themes such as entrepreneurship, aging, feminism, solo camping, conservation and more, this unique podcast offers up a great community for outdoor women worldwide. 


Women on the Road

This podcast is all about traveling, adventuring and living in a van! Although you don't have to travel around in a van to get inspired by this series. Women on the road explores "life on the road" through a feminine lens and offers tangible take-aways, lessons learned and inspiration to explore, grow and learn. 

Hosted by Laura Hughes. 


This Ocean Life

Capturing the stories of those who have based their lives around the ocean, this podcast is filled with inspiring content and interviews with world record holders, surf board shapers, lifeguards and genuine water men and women. Host Josh Pederson is an amazing conversationalist.  

Listen to the episode featuring yours truly here!


I'd love to hear-what are your favorite podcasts? Leave a comment below!

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