Take Your Bikini Beyond the Beach

September 28, 2015

Summer is officially over and unless you're lucky enough to live in place that's sunny year-round, you'll soon be reaching for sweaters instead of bikinis.  Don't put those bikinis away just yet! Here are a few ways you can continue to rock your Sensi Graves Bikinis beyond the beach. THE GYM Our Ambassadors have consistently told us that their bikini tops function just as well, if not better, than their sports bras! The Jaime top will provide coverage and comfort for weight training or a lower impact class, like our current favorite, Barre! Pair it with our Laura legging, which performs equally well in and out of the water.  YOGA The Sara top will allow you to move through your poses with ease, and the higher neck will keep everything in place, even in inversions.  The mesh detail on the sides and back match the mesh stripe in our Onyx Laura Legging for a sleek and chic effect. The waistband on the Laura legging is fold-able, so you can adjust the height to your liking. Can you say "OM"?    OUT AND ABOUT With a few accessories, the halter style of the Jenna top works great in any outfit transitioning from beach to street. Pair with high-waisted jeans, colorful shorts or throw on a cute sweater to protect against the autumn chill. See you at the farmers market.

Size Chart
Tops for smaller chests: Colleen, Dawn Tops for larger chests: Jaime, Ingrid, Alexa, Claire, Katie, Deb Tops for small rib-cage and large bust: Alexa, Claire, Ingrid