Stuff We're Stoked On! Sarah Hauser Shares Her List

April 01, 2018

Stuff We're Stoked On! Sarah Hauser Shares Her List

Our Team Sensi athletes are a huge source of inspiration for us: they're talented, dedicated, strong women who just plain get after it. And so we naturally wondered, what motivates them? We've asked them to share, and the result is this new blog feature: Stuff We're Stoked On.

This week Stuff We're Stoked On is brought to you by pro windsurfer Sarah Hauser

What She's Stoked On:

1. Not taking myself too seriously. And going for a water workout class and getting my ass kicked by older ladies!

sensi graves bikini surf bikini

2. Being a tomboy who can handle not showering for two weeks in the dusty Baja desert in order to score waves.
sarah hauser travel
3. Being a sailor. On my windsurf board but in life as well, I love to answer the call for adventure of the open oceans!
sarah hauser sensi bikinis
4. Living in Hawaii … the Aloha state, where rainy equals beautiful rainbows!
sarah hauser sensi bikinis
5. Living close to the beach! So I can start my day by breathing salty air and looking at the waves while drinking tea!
sarah hauser sensi bikinis

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