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September 15, 2014

End of Summer Edition!  It may be the end of Summer but Autumn brings lots of things to look forward to. 1. Sweaters! Wear them as beach cover-ups, while enjoying hot apple cider by the fire or to that backyard BBQ. The possibilities are endless. 2. Sunset walks. As the days get shorter, we long for more sunshine. Don't be deterred by the cold weather. Endure and take that stroll. Your soul will thank you. 3. Vacation shopping. Bikinis for your kite vacay to Maui, bikinis for your surf trip, bikinis for your Christmas break, bikinis for days. 4. Room redecoration. The change of seasons calls for a change in your home space. Simple ways to freshen up your decor and bring new life in anticipation for the coming season: Open your windows, light a few candles, buy fresh flowers, fluff your pillows, indulge in new artwork, wipe your counters, wash your towels with a few drops of lavender. 5. Seasonal eats! New produce abounds and the number of yummy, hearty soups, stews and baked goods in your home should go up! This is a fabulous list of 30 delicious things to cook in September.  6. Yoga. Now that the go, go, go of Summer is winding down, take the time to reconnect with yourself and prepare you body for the coming snow season with some yoga classes.

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