Spotlight: Sofi Chevalier

March 13, 2018

Spotlight: Sofi Chevalier

We're proud to feature Team Sensi kiter mama Sofi Chevalier. She's the boss lady behind Sista Zone, an online hub promoting women in kiteboarding and wake boarding, as well as a kiteboarding coach at kite camps around the world.
She inspires us as a globetrotting super mom who continually pursues her passions, and we designed the Sofi top with her in mind! We recently caught up with Sofi on her latest projects, her advice for globetrotting moms, and what keeps her inspired! 
What's the latest with your projects and endeavors? 
Well I just started a new business collaboration with the Ride & Dream team and I am going to do many different kite camps this year. Also I’m working on a brand new website where I will share my new projects and where people could be able to follow me in the world if they want some kite holidays with my company.
Sista Zone is always the enter of my attention as I continue to focus on the female side of our sport because girls need to be supported as they always push our sport further.
sensi bikinis sofi chevalier
What do you like about the Sofi top?
The Sofi Top is just super comfortable - you don’t feel it on you. The quality material is really nice and the cut makes it original and perfect for action sports.

Where have you traveled recently? Any standout experiences?
I just came back from Zanzibar where I was working with the Ride & Dream crew and right now I’m in the French Alps for snowboarding holidays. And then I will travel to Morocco where I will be private coaching with an amazing 11 year old kid who will be soon a future kiteboarding star.
sensi bikinis
Any advice for globetrotting moms? What challenges do you experience traveling with your daughter and how do you deal with them?
Well my first advice to every active mom is to not give up on your travel life because of your baby. Taking your baby with you and sharing with him/her the beautiful experience is the best and most precious thing you will ever get.
Babies are adaptable and they only need to feel that their mama is happy and gives them love as much as she can.
For me being a mom changed my life and made me focus on real things that really matter. Anita puts a smile on my face every single time I feel low and she is the best person in the world to help me to become a better person every day.
You will always have some little challenges in life with them of course but trust me it is really worth it.
At 3 years old Anita speaks already 3 languages fluently and has no problem to talk to anyone that she doesn’t know yet. The fact that she is constantly meeting new people from new cultures gives her the ability to feel fine in every kind of social situation and I really think that is the best gift you can offer to your kids.
sensi bikinis baby sofi chevalier

With so much of your time devoted to the kite industry, how do you stay motivated and inspired?
I find myself being happy when I do the thing I know how to do the best and it seems like kiteboarding is one of them. Working in the kiteboarding industry is not always as rewarding as we think but in the end I spend my life traveling in beautiful places, meeting lovely people, and sharing my experiences through my magazine where I get to advise active and sporty mamas.

At this time, what brings you the most joy in your life?
I think you already know the answer… Anita, my babe. But I live as well in a beautiful part of the world, the Algarve in Portugal and I think i can’t live in a better place to make the most of my active life. Portugal is a treasure.

What are your 2018 goals?
I want to be more responsible as a mother and be sure I give the best options of life for Anita in every domain. I want her to be healthy, happy and I want to spend more time with her sharing the joy that this life bring us.

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