Sensi's Favorite Bikinis

October 04, 2018

Sensi's Favorite Bikinis

I oftentimes get asked, how many bikinis do you own? The answer is...not quite as many as you might think. With a plethora of swimsuits at my finger-tips, I can actually get pretty choosy with what I put in my personal bikini quiver. And with thoughts of conscious consumerism in my mind, I often tend towards gifting myself with fewer and fewer suits. Yes, it can be hard not to want to wear our entire collection once it drops, but my go-tos from a few years ago remain in good shape and therefore I just keep wearing 'em!

These are my personal favorites from years and years of bikini testing. That being said, we design for a variety of body types and my favorites might not work well for you, but I hope you'll enjoy viewing my personal selects from over the years! xoxox



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