Our Indiegogo campaign is now live!

September 29, 2019

Our Indiegogo campaign is now live!


Sensi Graves Bikinis combines performance, function, and fashion. We started the company in 2012 based on a need we saw in the market, and over the past 7 years we’ve continually produced swimsuits that look amazing, stay put, and empower women.

Now we're upping the rad factor even more with our vision of becoming the most ethical, transparent and sustainable swim line out there. That starts with transitioning to all recycled fabrics made from reclaimed fishing nets and recycled plastic bottles.


Today, at Sensi Graves Bikinis, we design swimwear that’s made to stay put. Our core mission: to design swimwear that’s both fiercely functional and fabulously feminine. Our values include not only making great product but also protecting the places we play. 

We aim to produce swimwear that makes you feel awesome, but we also want to make products that are truly eco-friendly. This campaign is our commitment towards increased sustainability and transparency. With your support, we can make the most eco-friendly swimwear out there.


We have been designing and producing innovative swimwear for 7 years with sustainability built into the business from the beginning. With this campaign, our backers will put us on the pathway towards becoming one of THE most transparent, ethical, and sustainable clothing brands on the market. 

We need YOU: people who want innovative swimwear, but without sacrificing environmental responsibility.

Your funding will help us:


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