Meet Debbie Jean Hollomon!

May 11, 2015

 Debbie Jean grew up in coastal North Carolina with a love for the ocean. After moving to Hawaii, surfing became a lifestyle as she fell head over heels for the sport. Lucky enough to score a job on a sailboat, her passion was able to flourish as she spent more and more time on the water. With a background in both sailing and surfing, the natural progression was toward kiting. Debbie Jean took her first kite lesson on Maui, but decided to spend a season in Cape Hatteras where she found an old VW bus to call home and learned how to kite. She resides in Hawaii, where she enjoys the beauty of nature and the authenticity of a life on the sea. Her goal is to set sail with her lover aboard their boat Calliope and pursue new islands and adventures.

Favorite Sensi bikini? 

The Dawn Top 

Favorite kiteboarding/surfing/windsurf/etc. spot?

Kanaha for kiting, Honolua Bay for surfing. Maui no ka oi!

What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

I sailed across the Pacific on a 35ft boat.

Best kiteboard/surf/windsurf trip?

I finally made it to Hood River last fall. I had a blast kiting the Gorge and scored some waves on the coast as well. It was also my first time mountain biking- I’m totally hooked!

Favorite place to visit?

I’m always down to travel, anywhere with good friends and family.

Special talent



Favorite food?

I’m a total foodie, anything organic/GMO free.

Your dream?

Sailing the world in search of wind and waves, making awesome friends along the way, and finding an incredible place to settle and live happily ever after!

Coolest thing you've seen while traveling?

I got to surf with seals and sea lions at Bear Glacier in Alaska.

Favorite way to stay in bikini shape?

Working on a boat really keeps me in shape, also eating clean and doing yoga really compliment my active lifestyle.

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