Love Letter to our Leggings

September 15, 2017

Love Letter to our Leggings

Oh leggings, have we told you lately how much we love you? Here are just a few reasons why:

Comfort. Your swim fabric is soft and stretchy with just the right amount of compression. And that fold over waistband gives us options for support. You make us want to forget our jeans. 

Protection. You protect us from sun exposure on hot summer days (save the sunscreen for shoulders!), and keep us warm when there's a chill in the air.  

Fun & Motivation. With you on, we've got no excuses. We stay in the lineup longer, we head out for an early morning SUP, and maintain our yoga practice. Plus you dry so quickly and don't wrinkle, so you're perfect for travel!

Style Points. Your prints are eye catching and fun and effortlessly transform into a chic outfit. We can throw on a tank or sweater and be ready to go straight from the water to yoga to brunch with friends. 

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