Journal Entry: Shannon Skouras on being a female athlete

October 05, 2015

The sun peeks over the ridge as the morning colors stain the desert skies. Lukos, my furry training partner in crime pops his head out of the bushes next to me and immediately takes off down the trail. Cold smoke fills the air in front of me as I exhale one last deep breath before my morning training truly begins. 3contrastweb-compressor Living in Naches, WA cold, fall mornings are what I look forward to all year – between the vibrant oranges, yellows and reds of the landscape to the frosty morning dirt that crunches as I make my way along the river to where the Alpacas will greet me at the cliffs, I am in complete heaven. Training sessions consist of 10-15 mile trail runs intertwined with strength training circuits along the way. Then it’s back to the car to grab my mountain bike for some pedaling and endurance training. Some days I will add in an early evening paddle down the rapids near my home (SUP), or an afternoon trail ride on my motor bike - and if there is snow in the mountains, a backcountry tour or a day of lapping the local hill are always high on my list. 1bw1-compressor As a professional athlete and photographer, my training regimen is intense and ever changing. Not only do I have to stay in competitive shape as a female athlete, but I also have to be able to keep up with those high level athletes that I am shooting photos of --- male and female. Cross-training keeps me sane and also keeps me where I need to be physically and mentally to get the job done. That’s where my Sensi Graves Bikinis come in. My Sensi Colleen top wears many hats – bikini top, sports bra, crop top – and wears them all extremely well. After a long, sweaty run or a 30-mile mountain bike ride it wicks sweat and keeps me cool --- and is pretty darn cute with a pair of running shorts too. My favorite bottoms are the Sensi Sophie bottoms – the ties on the sides allow me to cinch them on tight for the sections of river that have big rapids, and the cheeky fit is definitely popular with my fiance. motosensibwweb-compressor From the trails to the river, the snow-covered mountains to the yoga studio, my Sensi Graves Bikinis keeps me stylish while allowing me to perform and train at a high level. Made in the USA and designed by an insanely talented pro athlete, Sensi Bikinis are more than just swimsuits – they bring out the athlete, ripper and sexy woman in all of us.

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