How to Find the Best Bikini for Your Body

December 08, 2014

The idea of shopping for a new bikini can seem a little daunting. Even though we are deep into winter, it's always a good time to pick out a new bikini, whether it be for your warm winter get-away or just for a little taste of summer. Because you can never have enough bikinis, right? Learning a few tips and tricks can make a huge difference in your shopping experience, and make it one you can enjoy. The secret to feeling the most confident in your bikini? Drawing the eye to what you want to show off. After a few simple tips you will be strutting down the beach in the perfect bikini for you!


The first step is to consider your body shape. This will help to determine what areas you want to accentuate, and which ones you want to downplay.


You are all around small- weight, height, chest, and hips.

What bikini works best for you?

String triangle tops are a great choice, along with a deep scoop neckline. Grab tops with padding, ruffles, and prints to bring attention to your upper half. Pair it with a basic medium to minimal coverage bottom. Try to stay away from boy short cut bottoms and choose a high-cut bottom that rounds up to your hipbones.

Sensi Picks to Try: 

Annalisa Top, Colleen Top, & Lulu Top.

Oceanea Bottom & Bella Bottom, Kyla Bottom.


You have small curves, and your hip and chest measurements are very similar. 

What bikini works best for you?

Lucky for you, you can get away with a more skimpy style string top and bottom! A top with ruffles, gathering, or padding can also help fake some curves. Stay away from bandeau tops and sporty bottoms as they won’t give you that hourglass shape figure. Opt out of black and instead choose white or bright colors to add the appearance of volume.



You have narrow hips, broader shoulders, and those muscular legs!

What bikini works best for you? 

It is time to show off what you worked so hard for! Try a minimal coverage bottom to draw attention to your toned lower half. On top, any feminine details will soften your chest area. Try a fun print, and don't wear bandeaus, boy shorts, or shapeless pieces.



You are known for your great hips! Your top is more narrow than your bottom. 

What bikini works best for you?

Keep your bottoms simple. Pair them with a piece on top that enhances your chest. Either a print, halter style, or cleavage details. To make your booty appear smaller- wear black or dark colors, and avoid stripes or busy patterns. Even though you might be tempted to cover up with boy shorts, don't — they'll only make you look wider.



Your curves are envied! Shaped like an hourglass, your bust and hips are both wide, but your waist is narrow. 

What bikini works best for you?

A halter style will support your chest, while a full coverage bottom will be slimming. On the other hand, if you’re feeling daring try out a minimal coverage bikini bottom to enhance your booty! To emphasize your chest- triangle tops, aka the classic string bikini, will easily direct eyes to your assets. You can also emphasize cleavage with a low cut bikini. 



Your weight has a tendency to go to your chest and belly region, but your hips and legs are smaller! 

What bikini works best for you? 

To create an hourglass, choose a bottom that makes your hips appear bigger and a top that makes your chest look smaller. Boy shorts are a good bottom choice. To make a large chest look smaller- wear black or other dark colors. Avoid any top that does not provide enough support for your chest. Steer clear of stripes or large patterns.



You are curvaceous and have a heavier figure.

What bikini works best for you?

A fabulous option is a full coverage bottom and tank style bikini top combo. This lets you feel sexy and feminine, while still getting the coverage that you want.


Always keep these go-to bikini tips in mind: 

To show off a feature that you like use a bright color or pattern.

To draw attention away from something that you don’t like, use a dark solid color.

If you have fair skin, wearing dark jewel tones like dark purple, navy, maroon, and black are the most flattering. 

Bright colors tend to be more flattering on dark skin. 

To add volume to the chest or hips, choose a piece with ruffles. 

Last but certainly not least... Wear your bikini with confidence! 

Even the best bikini won't be flattering if you have poor posture and keep your shoulders hunched. Show off that amazing body of yours! Keep your shoulders back, and stand up straight. A confident attitude and a smile will take your bikini style to the next level! Grab your board and hit the water. And when someone asks where you got your rockin’ suit from, just send them our way. ;)


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