How to Feel Successful

August 24, 2018

How to Feel Successful

Do you ever feel down on yourself? Like you can't do something? Like you aren't good enough? A lack of self-belief can reverberate (negatively) into all areas of your life. As a founder and entrepreneur, I go through a roller coaster of good and bad times. But if I were to constantly let the bad times affect me, I wouldn't ever push my business forward. I know you want me to keep making the awesome products that I do, and empowering you to live your best life, so I do! I think we all struggle with a lack of self-confidence from time to time. Read our 5 ways to feel more successful below. 

1. Start doing something. Anything at all. Just getting off your butt and heading in the direction of your dreams will increase motivation across the board. Look at how you can make a positive impact, whether that be smiling at a stranger as you pass them on the street (try it!), or hand writing a thank you note. Do something that spreads light and positivity and you will feel more light and positivity. 

2. Practice your mantras. You knew I was going to go here. The words we tell ourselves affect every aspect of our life. Additionally, our vibe attracts our tribe, or as I like to say, everything in our life. It doesn't sound as catchy but until you start practicing feeling successful now, you won't ever feel successful in the future. Say your feel-good mantras and let yourself feel good. 

3. Remind yourself of your wins and accomplishments. Instead of setting a to-do list (well you can still do this), write an "I did" list. At the end of each day, list out all the tasks you completed that day. This has a satisfying effect that lets you relish in what you were able to do instead of constantly chasing the to-do list. Additionally, make it a habit of writing down your wins for that day. What did you knock out of the park? What made you feel good?? Remind yourself that you are a rockstar. 

4. Keep a folder of things that make you feel good. Take screenshots of nice things that people say about you. Snip comments that highlight your work. Look at your successes and what good you have on the world and help yourself realize that YOU ARE AWESOME. For us, that's positive customer reviews, awesome websites we've been featured on and generally positive things that people say about us. 

5. Meditate on it. Download a positive vibes meditation and anytime you're feeling a lack of self-belief, pop those head phones in and relaaaaax. Deep breathing and releasing negative thoughts will hit the reset button in your mind. Sometimes we need to take a step back and give ourselves a little self-care. I love this pep talk meditation freebie from Kris Carr.  Scroll down for the free one. 


How do you remind yourself of your self-worth? How do you cultivate belief in yourself to go out and kick butt? How are you living your best life? I'd love to know!

You are awesome!


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