How to Feel Good About Yourself

January 27, 2020

How to Feel Good About Yourself

Beautiful. The word has a lot of weight to it. A lot of baggage as well.

To tell someone they’re beautiful is the best of compliments. To be on the receiving end is nothing short of delicious. It’s soothing and fills your belly and heart at the same time. You feel loved. But to be beautiful is so subjective, it's almost laughable. To be beautiful is something that has so little actual value in society but its perceived value is enormous.

To be beautiful cannot be learned or bought (or maybe somewhat), or grown into. To be beautiful is to be blessed with looks or the body or the exact organization of DNA and expression of genes that society on a whole, finds most pleasing. What a shot in the dark. 

But to be beautiful has nothing to do with your value in the world.

Lena Dunham says that beauty isn’t a currency that we should be using so much. And I agree. To be beautiful shouldn’t be so touted and revered and made so god-like that it becomes all we aspire to. What of being smart? Or dextrous? Or a quick-learner? What of being a voracious reader or skilled piano player? What of actual, useful skills? When we put so much pressure on being beautiful, we oftentimes skip over or fail to see past this initial impression.

I’d like the word beautiful to take a back seat. Let’s focus on assigning value to other personal affects... so how do we get over being "beautiful" and cultivate our inner beauty so that we can feel great about ourselves?

Read on for 7 ways to cultivate inner beauty— the most important kind. 

  1. Value yourself. Feeling good in your body is directly linked to self-confidence. In order to really show up in the world, we must feel our best. As Kate Northrup outlines in her book “Money. A Love Story”, we must first value ourselves in order to give as much value as possible. Reminding ourselves of our value will reinforce our self-confidence, our belief in our abilities, our self-worth as a human and create an inner sense of beauty and positivity that diminishes our need for outside input, praise or acknowledgement. We value ourselves and therefore we feel beautiful. 
  2. Take a mirror vacation. That’s it—simply take a break from the mirror. Designate a period of time in which you don’t look in any mirrors. It’s tough but it’s an opportunity to finally not judge yourself. This can be a great stress reducer and time saver. If I never looked in the mirror, I wouldn’t even have the chance to judge my body. It’s easier to focus on just being the wonderful person that you are, all judgements left at home with that sparkly piece of reflective glass.
  3. Focus on feeling good. Instead of primping and preening in front of the mirror, focus on what makes you feel good in your body. Take a longer shower. Light the candle you’ve been saving and curl up with a book on your coach. Brush your hair and focus on how good the bristles feel running over your scalp. Simply feel. And strive to do things that feel good. 
  4. Feed and fuel your body right. The most important step. She's the only one you get. And when you feed and take care of her right, you'll have more energy, you'll feel better about yourself and you'll enable yourself to shine like the bright, shiny light that you are. 
  5. Post inspiring quotes and mantras everywhere. Keep your thoughts positive. It's easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day. It's easy to complain. By up-leveling your thinking, you'll have a much more enjoyable day. You'll also inspire those around you and your inner beauty will shine!
  6. Wear things that make you feel beautiful. Start with your underwear. Put on the bras that make you feel sexy. Put on what’s comfortable, flattering and makes you feel good. If you don’t feel good in your clothes, change them. Start with dressing yourself for how you want to show up in the world. Want to feel like a bad ass business woman today? Wear an outfit that speaks to that. Want to feel like your most beautiful self? Wear the clothes that put a smile on your face. You deserve it. 
  7. SMILE. Your optimism and enthusiasm radiate beauty into the world. This simple task will not only make you feel better about yourself and in your body, but it's the EASIEST way to make others feel good too. 

You are amazing. Now, I'd love to hear from you. How do you cultivate your inner beauty? How do you feel beautiful? Share in the comments below!
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March 07, 2019

Sensi, I love this and the positive vibes! Being beautiful goes way beyond just looks. I love to look at my family members and good friends that I surround myself with. Being beautiful to me is showing the other qualities you have to offer to others! I am a woman who loves to care and love others and help them in anyway possible that I can. Also, being a bubbly, classy, successful, adventurous, positive person.i believe if you can look beyond just looks that deeper inside you will find the true beauty in a person. A Woman with a beautiful body is good for a night, but a Woman with a beautiful mind is good for a lifetime.


February 17, 2019

I love to take a look at the amazing women around me I am so blessed to call friends 💗 I find great self worth knowing these woman call me friend!!
And #7 – smile!! 😁 it really does instantly lift your spirits and those you share it with!


February 17, 2019

I love this! Beauty is so much more than skin deep and the genetics we are born with! So important to recognize the whole part of us, and to take good care of ourselves!
Love hearing your thoughts :)


February 17, 2019

So wonderfully said, Sensi! I find that beauty comes from our interactions and how we treat others. No matter how big or small those interactions are, when we build others up – they feel good about themselves and seeing them feel beautiful in turn makes you feel sparkly inside! That sparkly feeling radiates and the cycle continues!!

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