Giving Our Thanks!

November 19, 2017

Giving Our Thanks!

Tis the season to give thanks and we know exactly what we're grateful for: YOU! Thank you for supporting our brand and continuing to inspire us to create swimwear that enables your life of adventure. This week some of our Team Sensi athletes share what they're thankful for this year. We hope it inspires your own gratitude practice so that along with the turkey and pumpkin pie, you share an attitude of gratitude with your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Colleen Carroll: I am incredibly grateful for health and a strong body! As a professional athlete, I put my body through the paces and sometimes I don’t bounce as easily as others.  Over the past year, I’ve struggled off and on with a few nagging injuries that at times have kept me off the water altogether.  In these moments of feeling broken and unable to participate in the activities that I want to, I’ve found an even deeper appreciation for what I can do.

sensi graves bikinis surfer girl


Isabel Von Zastrow: I am grateful for the positive people who surround me everyday with happiness and motivation!

sensi graves isabel von zastrow kite


Sarah Hauser: This year I am grateful for everyone who made me feel like the pursuit of my dreams inspires them to pursue theirs.

sarah hauser bikini


Sarah Schwab: I am grateful for all of my friends and family who make the world a better place by being positive, selfless, and hardworking.

sarah schwab


Alexa HohenbergI'm grateful for a healthy body that allows me to do what I do. Health is the most important foundation to all sports.

alexa hohenberg


Shannon Mahre: I'm grateful for a husband that's my best friend and our healthy baby boy that is the best sidekick we could ever have.
shannon mahre
Claire Lutz: I'm so grateful to be part of such a great bikini brand who has supported me for years. The ladies behind the brand are wonderful people, I'm so thankful for them!
claire lutz
Malin Amle: I'm thankful for my family & friends, my passions, my work and being able to do what I love.
malin amle
Jessie KilgourI am thankful for my amazing friends and family!  They motivate me with their strength and sense of adventure, inspire me with their incredible talents and kind, compassionate hearts, keep me grounded with their honesty, and keep me laughing with their ridiculous senses of humour. They make my world wonderful!  I am also grateful for beautiful sunrises, awesome surf, fresh pow in steep mountains, a healthy body, a good night's sleep, and delicious coffee in a favourite mug.
jessie kilgour

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