Girl on Wave Available Now!

April 16, 2017

Girl on Wave Available Now!

Team Sensi athlete Sarah Hauser has spent the past 15 months working on a film about her journey as a New-Caledonian athlete competing on the American stage of windsurfing and riding the biggest waves on the planet, and we're so stoked to see the final product!
Now based on Maui, Sarah left the comfort of a masters degree in computer science and a traditional career path behind to follow her passion and pursue the unconventional path of an action sports athlete. Girl on Wave follows the challenges and rewards that Sarah faces on her journey in hopes of inspiring others to never lose sight of their dreams.
Filmed in 5K on Maui, Girl on Wave includes interviews with local mentors and community leaders who have inspired Sarah on her journey and have played a critical role in helping her get to where she is today.
Driven to perform at her highest potential in big swells and competitions around the globe, Sarah is leaving her unique mark on the windsurfing sport. 
Check out more about Girl on Wave at or follow us online at or
And you can now purchase the film here:
Sarah writes, "I hope Girl on Wave will give people a boost of motivation in their quest toward their dreams. I hope it will inspire people to nourish their passion no matter what path they chose in life, no matter how old they are, no matter if they are a man or a woman. And I hope it will help the sport of windsurfing to become more popular in America."
Go Sarah! We're so proud of you. Visit our website for more on Sarah and the rest of our amazing roster of team athletes.

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