Get Inspired: Women & Water Project in Peru

August 15, 2019

Get Inspired: Women & Water Project in Peru

Our Team Sensi athletes never cease to amaze us with their passion, drive, and desire to make an impact in the world. We're excited to share what pro windsurfer Sarah Hauser is up to - an inspiring project to address water scarcity in Peru. Read on and spread the word to support her efforts!

This September, Team Sensi athlete Sarah Hauser and a group of female adventurers are teaming up to improve the water situation in Lobitos, Peru while also empowering young women within the community.

Ocean, Nature, Adventure, Travel, Eco-Friendly Living, Female Empowerment, Giving Back, Sisterhood, Wellness... these are the passions that led to the collaboration between a group of female professional athletes, activists, non profit directors, cinematographers and more. Together they are facilitating the 2019 Women & Water project: a gender-responsive Water Sanitation Hygiene (WASH) project that engages local women and girls as key agents in water management while building their inner and outer strength through water sports, participatory audio-visual arts and wellness workshops.

The first edition of Women & Water took place in September 2018 and its impact is already visible: young girls have continued to go surfing regularly, something they never used to do before and water filters are continuously being used in the community. “Being able to go back to Lobitos to check in on the installed filters and bring more is an amazing opportunity to make sure the project has a positive lasting impact on the community. I am also incredibly excited to go back to the young girls we met throughout the different workshops, I want them to know that they matter, they have value and potential!” says Sarah Hauser who was part of the 2018 edition.

Women and Water Peru project

“As an organization, we feel so incredibly lucky to work with Sarah and this year, the girls from Changing Tides Foundation on the ground to address water scarcity as a challenge the community has brought to our attention. Every action we strive to be attuned to the pace of Lobitos and done in a spirit of co-creation - not charity. I think that’s how the project has been so well received because we’re all friends here working together to solve a problem!” Says Emi Koch, founder of Beyond the Surface International.

Nestled into an isolated, bone-dry stretch of Northern Peru’s coastline, Lobitos is a small-scale fishing village that once played host to pioneering British and American oil companies. In 1968, the Peruvian military-led government expelled foreign enterprises. The army quickly moved into Lobitos, destroying all leftover infrastructure, including the desalinization plant installed by the enterprises that provided the local community with clean drinking water.

Today left parched in the desert, Lobitos receives a limited, fickle supply of unfiltered water pumped into the town weekly. To quench their thirst, residents must first boil the water. However, many have grown accustomed to drinking milk, juices, or other sugary beverages instead.

Globally, women and girls are traditionally responsible for managing a households’ clean water supply and home environment. However, their roles are primarily undervalued and bypassed in decision-making processes. Through local level, culture- sensitive and creative approaches, Women & Water seeks to address the needs of females with potable water and wellness as a critical driver towards gender equity and social-ecological resilient coastal communities.

Sarah Hauser Team Sensi

If the Women & Water mission inspires you and you’re able to support this effort you can head to to make a donation. You can also contribute by helping to share this adventure with the world! Websites and social media handles of the participants below:

* Beyond The Surface International: @beyondthesurfaceintl
* Changing Tides Foundation: @changingtidesfoundation
* Raynier Institute and Foundation:
* Emi Koch, surfer & social-ecologist & founder BTSI @beyondthesurfaceintl & @coast2coast.movement
* Sarah Hauser, professional windsurfer & fitness coach @hauserlifestyle
* Becky Mendoza, action sports attorney @actionsportslaw
* Anna Santoro, wellness & social facilitator @surfchica6
* Jianca Lazarus, photographer @jianca_lazarus
* Leane Darling Horton, professional paddler & real estate agent @hawaiilifeleane
* Liz Clark, adventurer & activist @captainlizclark
* Paige Alms, professional surfer @paigealms

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