Every Bikini Sold = One Tree Planted

April 02, 2020

Every Bikini Sold = One Tree Planted

April 22nd, 2020 is Earth Day. And this April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The theme for this year is climate action. With climate change representing the most pressing problem that humans have faced to date, threatening our homes and our very way of life, this Earth Day seeks to highlight this topic and spur action in every human being. 

In celebration of Earth Day 2020, we are partnering with SeaTrees to plant a tree for every bikini that we sell in April. Planting trees sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helps rebuild ecosystems and prevent erosions and landslides. 

Let it be known–planting trees is a great move forward, but is not the ultimate solution to climate change and reducing pollution, greenhouses gases and our reliance on fossil fuels are the ultimate drivers in solving the climate crisis. 

So what more can we collectively do?

Read on for how you can participate in Earth Day 2020 and take climate action:


Offset your climate impact through SeaTrees.

Join the Plastic Swear Jar Challenge

Pledge to vote with POW

Demand Congress take climate action now

Sign petitions to protect our oceans and beaches

Educate Yourself:

Read about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Listen to the Climate Changers Podcast

Watch The Human Element

Read Eaarth

POW has an amazing resource list here

A few of our favorite non-profits:

Surfrider Foundation

Protect Our Winters

Columbia Riverkeepers

Changing Tides Foundation

Buy a bikini and plant a tree:


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