El Salvador Spot Check

October 23, 2014

El Salvador. What a fantastic country. I was blown away by the beauty, the friendliness of the people and the ubiquitous rainbows! We (Blu Girls Tribe- a wonderful group of strong, inspiring women and Sensi Bikinis) enjoyed a slew of wonderful meals, surfed everyday and laughed until our cheeks hurt. Read on for a brief intro to my new favorite surf destination. DCIM120GOPRO Where to Surf There are a number of surf breaks along the El Salvador coastline. The largest hub for surfers visiting the country is a small town called El Tunco located about 40 min outside of the city of San Salvador. This surf village boasts quite a few surf shops, restaurants, bars and gift shops. There are three primary breaks in the El Tunco vicinity. Sunzal is the beginner break; where the waves are mushy and loads of beginners are taken out on longboards and pushed into waves by boogie-board wielding El Salvadorians. We started our trip frequenting this spot. It is a 200 yard paddle to the break so get ready to be sore. The other breaks in El Tunco are "El Tunco", a small break directly in front of the town and La Bocana, a heavier breaking wave that is good on larger swell and for advanced surfers. El Zonte is about 20 min. west of El Tunco and is another right point break with a bit stronger waves and in a beautiful cove. Further northwest you have Mizata a beach break but the beach is beautiful. The waves we did not visit were further southeast and include Punta Mango and Punta Roca la Libertad to name a few. Guess we'll have to go back. DCIM120GOPRO Where to Explore While the primary draw of El Salvador is surfing (who knew!) there are a few cultural excursions that are worth taking. The country has quite an active volcano population and numerous beautiful peaks. Geologically it is in the "ring of fire", an area where a large number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur in the basin of the Pacific Ocean. Volcan San Miguel, the most active volcano; Cerro Verde, a national park; Volcan Santa Ana, the highest volcano in El Salvador to name a few. Ruta de las flores is another must see in El Salvador. This "route" is still home to many indigenous craftsman and upholds El Salvadorian traditions. Colorful colonial towns dot the corridor and you can sample many yummy treats and home cooked goods. DCIM120GOPRO Where to Eat & Drink During the week the town of El Tunco is dead, but on the weekends the bars are packed. A number of bars line the oceanfront and have live bands on Fridays and Saturdays. In El Tunco, our favorite restaurants were Cafe Sunzal, Take a Wok, and a healthy smoothie bar. Papusas, the local dish are a must try. Hand made tortillas stuffed with meat, cheese and beans and lightly fried on a skillet. Traditionally they are served with a cole slaw topping and hot sauce.

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