Love Your Mother in our Eco Friendly Swimwear!

April 22, 2019

Love Your Mother in our Eco Friendly Swimwear!

Happy Earth Day! We know one of your priorities is living an active life, and that probably means you have an affinity for being in nature and protecting Mama Earth.
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We also love the outdoors and do our best to protect it. I wanted to share with you some of the ways in which we account for environmental impact throughout our business. 

1) Fabrics: We utilize recycled fabrics in our line. Currently over half of the line is produced with Repreve and Econyl fabrics (made from recycled plastic bottles, reclaimed fishing nets and left-over nylon). By 2020, we've committed to having the entire line made out of these fabrics. 

2) Factories: We partner with factories in the US. The USA has some of the most strict environmental regulations for factories, which means that we can't cut corners with production. We also choose to be made in the US because it cuts down on transportation costs and lessens our carbon footprint. 

3) Packaging: All of our packaging is made from recycled materials, whether that be recycled plastic or recycled paper. 

4) Labels and hang-tags: Our cotton labels are made from recycled materials and our hang-tags are made from recycled paper. 

5) Poly bags and hygienic liners: Both our poly bags (bags the suits come in) and hygienic liners are made from compostable materials. We love this company. 

6) Giving back: We are a 1% for the planet member, which means that we donate 1% of sales to environmental causes and groups. Our most recent partner is local, shout-out Columbia Riverkeeper!

Pro kiteboarder Sensi Graves
What are you doing for the environment? I'd love to hear it! Shout us out on your social with #teamsensi and @sensibikinis. 

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