Design Contest!

October 02, 2018

Hello beautiful bikini wearers! I've got some exciting news! For the second year, we've decided to ask our fans what they'd like to see in a bikini. We want to know what your absolute dream piece would look like. Today, we're launching a month long design contest! What does your dream bikini look like? There are two parts to this contest:
  1. Body style design: What does your ideal bikini look like? What features have you always wanted to see on a bikini but never found?
  2. Print design: Are you an artist or graphic designer? Do you make cool prints that you'd love to see on a bikini?
For the body style design, the steps are simple:
  1. Design a bikini! It can be a top, a bottom or both. We like comfortable, functional and unique pieces.
  2. Put your pen to paper. Designs do not have to be made on the computer. In fact, we encourage sketching out your designs.
  3. Email your design to
For the print design:
  1. Design submissions must have the pattern in repeat (on end of the design lines up seamlessly with the other end).
  2. Email your design to

The winner will receive a body style in the 2019 or 2020 collection NAMED AFTER YOU!

One winner will be chosen from each category. Sensi reserves the right to produce whatever she sees fit. Entries are not guaranteed to go to production. Submissions are due by October 31st. Have fun!   

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