Colleen Carroll's Top 5 Kiteboarding Destinations

August 18, 2015

Daydreaming about your next kiteboarding vacation? We asked Sensi Ambassador, pro kiter and world traveller Colleen Carroll to share her top 5 kiteboarding destinations. Pack your bags! 5. Haukeliseter, Norway:  Snowkiting!  I have always loved being in the mountains and the snow so to kite amongst the gorgeous peaks of Southern Norway was a dream come true.  For the mountain girl at heart who loves to kite, Haukeliseter is the place to check out.  The cozy traditional lodging sits immediately on the kiting spot so don’t worry if you get cold easily, you’ll be warming yourself by the fireplace over a tasty espresso in between sessions.    


4. Taiba, Brazil: It’s been said time and time again, but Brazil truly has some of the best freestyle kiteboarding conditions in the world.  If you’re a girl who loves to throw down on your twin tip and is always looking to take your moves to their next level, you will not be disappointed by the endless winds and perfect flatwater lagoons unique to the Northeast Coast of Brazil. 3. Hatteras, North Carolina:  A must go for the kiter girl who likes variety.  Cape Hatteras tops the charts for me because you can surf in the morning, ride in the butter flat waters of the slicks in the afternoon, and then swap your twin tip for a directional and go kite in the ocean for a sunset downwinder.  In addition to having perfect flatwater conditions and world-class wave spots, Cape Hatteras is home to the Real Watersports slider park.  A private park accessible through Real Watersports, the park is the best in the world and my favorite to ride. 


2. Los Roques, Venezuela:  Talk about a kite girl’s dreamland!  Los Roques National park is one of (if not THE) most beautiful place I have ever kited.  Consistent trade winds grace this serene archipelago for months on end typically bringing smooth light-ish breezes.  You won’t have to pack much for your trip to Los Roques as it is bikini weather from sunrise to sunset.  A few Sensi Bikinis, lots of sunscreen, a cute hat and you’ll be set! 1.  Hood River, Oregon:  It may not seem as flashy as some of the other places on this list at first glance but there are endless reasons why it’s my number 1 kiteboarding destination.  Most importantly, it’s windy!  Throughout the summer months you can count on wind almost every day, all day.  But where Hood River really sets itself apart from the rest is the healthy, adventurous, ever-changing lifestyle off the water.  The small town boasts loads of delicious and affordable restaurants, local wine tasting, cute boutique shopping and world-class non-kiting activities.  When you’re not enjoying your time kiting on the Columbia River, you have endless options for amazing hikes, bike rides, SUP excursions, white water rafting, rock climbing and more.  For the kiting girl who wants to do it all, Hood River really is the number 1 destination!  

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