A Day in the Life: Team Athlete Shannon Skouras

March 31, 2016

How do you make the most of Spring's longer days? Team Sensi athlete Shannon Skouras shares how she gets in 3-4(!) sports in a single day. We're inspired to get out and get after it! shancontrastwebMornings are my time to work – to write articles, to edit photos from my recent trips and to hop on social media to get content and posts up for the accounts that I manage remotely. With a hot cup of coffee topped with whipped cream in hand and my dog, Lukos sleeping next to me on the couch, a typical morning of work starts around 5:30am, on my old leather couch with my computer on my lap.

With storms rolling through, my work takes me to the mountains quite frequently, but the time I leave to head up to ski depends on the weather forecast for the day. Fresh powder, bluebird skies or events at our local ski area get me up to the mountain extra early, but most days my husband, Andy, and I head up there around 8am. Fruit smoothie in hand and 2 hard-boiled eggs in a Tupperware for my pre-shred snack, we head up Highway 12 toward White Pass, our local gem of a ski area. 40 minutes after leaving our doorstep, we pull into the base area and get our gear together. A few quick chair rides and we are at the backcountry gate, ready to head out in search of fresh tracks and epic views. Touring along the ridgeline as we head further and further out, we check out snow-pack and survey the terrain. Most days in the backcountry (as long as the snow-pack is stable and the weather permits) are spent like this – skinning out to our favorite spots, skiing down, and then skinning back up to drop in once again. Powder turn after powder turn, the laughter and smiles are never-ending and the beautiful scenery of the surrounding mountains and lakes are always a sight to see.shan1bwweb Heading back to the car in the early afternoon, we drive back down to Naches, ready to get out of our ski clothes and excited to see our pup. A quick afternoon snack and I am back in the Subaru, this time with Lukos as my partner in crime, en route to the trails near our home to meet my best friend and running partner, Brooke. 10-12 miles of laughter and fart jokes later, we make it back to the car just in time for her to go pick up her kids from school and for me to get back home to finish up my computer work for the day. Weight training, a yoga session or even another 3-miles on the treadmill round out my day of training – and leaves just enough time to make a scrumptious home-cooked meal followed by some mellow time with my boys.


Strength comes from within – but is helped made stronger by hours of training, lots of adventures and support from friends and family. My passion and love for what I do drive me - and in my mind, the word can’t doesn’t exist. If you weren’t scared of failing, just think about how many things that you could have already accomplished. Because in the end, life is what you make it – and you are the only person that has the power to make your dreams become a reality. Learn more about Team Sensi here Want more training tips? Subscribe to our newsletter!

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