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A Day In The Life: Team Athlete Jamie Broder

February 29, 2016

Welcome to a new series on the blog we're calling "A Day in the Life," in which our team athletes share what goes on in a typical day for them. We're super proud of our team of athletes and we thought this would be a fun way for you to see why! Enjoy getting to know these amazing ladies.

First up: pro volleyball player Jamie Broder, who shares a typical day in her off-season. Whew! We're tired just reading this. Go Jamie!


During the off-season when the International Tour (FIVB) that we compete on takes a break, my teammate and I spend our time in Toronto, Canada preparing for the next season.  After the last event that we play, we take about 2 weeks rest to allow both our bodies and our minds to recover from the stresses of travel and competition.  Since this takes place in the winter months in Canada (Nov-Feb), we are training indoors at an old airplane hangar that has been converted into 3 sand courts for our National Team to use.  Although we would love to be playing outdoors, this is a great alternative that allows us to work on different aspects of our game all while spending some much needed time at home.  Here’s a little peek into what an average day looks like for me as I prep for a strong 2016 season!  6:30am: Wake up after hitting snooze a couple times and reluctantly drag myself out of bed (I am not a morning person….).  I try to drink a tall glass of water before anything else, to start my day off with hydration. 6:45am – Pull on my training gear that I have left out the night before, the less I need to think about in the morning, the better.  Breakfast consists of overnight oats that I prep at the start of the week and then eat each morning.  It’s a quick breakfast that gives me the fuel I need for practice without weighing me down. 7:10am – Leave the house and head to our training center.  Depending on traffic it can take anywhere from 30-50 mins travel.  I like to leave with a bit of extra time so that I am stress-free while crawling along the 401 highway!  This is when I start to pump the tunes loud in the car and get my mind focused on practice.  It is so important for me to start mental prep early and be focused when I walk into the building. 7:45am – 10am: Our sand training is run by our team coach, John May.  He runs a very fast-paced practice where we get an intense cardio workout while executing technical drills.  This has allowed us to increase our level of fitness and be able to push ourselves through many mental barriers during competition.  The motto is to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and find a way to perform.  10am: We will often have a team meeting for about 20 mins or so after practice to debrief the session.  During this time I make sure to get some nutrition in my body in order to ensure proper recovery. 10:30am: Drive to the CSIO (Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario) for my strength workout with coach Ryan MacDonald. 11:00am-1:00pm: Strength Training consists of a combination of power and speed.  This means Olympic lifts, deep squats, box jumps and ladder drills.  I love being in the gym, working hard, and being able to feel improvements week to week.  This is one of my happy places. 1:15pm: Nutrition! There is a great kitchen at the Sport Institute, so I usually make a shake with protein and fruit for my drive home.  2:00pm: Arrive home, shower and make some lunch with my fiancée Maverick Hatch ☺ 3:00pm: Log into my work computer to catch up on a few emails if I’m not able to head into the office that day.  I’m currently part of the RBC Olympian Program, which allows me the flexibility to get in-office experience that is flexible around my training demands.  It’s amazing.  Thanks RBC! 5:30pm: Prep some food for dinner and meals for the next day. 6:00pm: Leave for coaching 7:00-9:00pm: Assistant coach of a U17 Girls Team at Phoenix Volleyball Club, with Maverick Hatch and Eric Simon.  Usually I jump in and play during some drills since we only have 10 players on the team and 2 are currently injured ☹.  I love coaching and find it also helps me to be more aware with my own game as an athlete, too. 10:45pm:  Usually eat a snack of some kind and try to get to bed as soon as possible once arriving home.  It can be difficult to wind down after coaching, but the day usually has my body exhausted and wanting some rest.  I like to prep my gear for the next morning now so that I don’t have to think about it when I wake up. That’s what a Day in the Life can look like for me while I’m training in Toronto.  We are on the sand for 2 hours 4-5x per week and in the gym for 2 hours 4x per week.  During our off days I like to visit our therapists to keep my body feeling primo and make sure I’m on top of my recovery.  Stay tuned for another update on what a Day in the Life during season on tour might look like!

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