8 Reasons Why Kiting is For CEOs

March 16, 2015

From Guest Blogger Kristin Demidovich 


As a new and rapidly growing sport, the kiteboarding world has a unique opportunity to be female dominated - among so many other male dominated sports. Many women are already making waves in the kiting community, and many of them share a similar characteristic: They are philanthropists, business-minded, CEOs of the sea.

From working with many of these inspirational female kiters so closely, I have discovered how multi-dimensional kiting is, and how training yourself to be a pro kiter actually aligns closely with the steps to becoming a great entrepreneur.

Female leaders in kiting and entrepreneurship share the path of:

Finding their passion:

They have to know what legacy they want to create, whether it is for them as an athlete or for them as a company. An entrepreneur who is passionate about impacting the environment will translate that to the kiting gear she uses, and the initiatives she participates in.

Overcoming Fear:

One of the biggest barriers in both the pursuit of business and a sport is understanding that you have to start somewhere! It is scary to start at step zero, but you have to dive in with confidence and be ready to swim.

Finding Mentors:

Any road to success has many pit stops that include meeting many people. A great kiter or entrepreneur will find mentors in everyone they meet. They learn something new from everyone because no one can get where you want to be alone.

Finding and Creating Community:

They find strength in numbers. By surrounding themselves with passionate people, kiters and entrepreneurs are inspired to work harder, and create new goals.

Asking For Help:

They are not afraid to ask stupid questions, because there are none. They know that someone has been in their shoes before, and their knowledge is invaluable.

Appreciating Failure:

A great kiter and entrepreneur will embrace failure more than success. Failures are not a reason to quit, they are a motivation to try again, again and again.


Whether it is dealing with bad weather, bad waves or a bad team, they will fight for what they want no matter what. Their spirits cannot be hampered because their sights on their goals are set.

Having Fun:

The most important shared trait of these two lifestyles is having fun. They enjoy what they are doing, are inspired and excited to keep trying. They can make fun of themselves and find laughter in failure.


I am at heart a female entrepreneur and a beginning kiter who has had the honor of working with some truly incredible women in the kiting community. Their commitment to the sport and perseverance has taught me the importance of understanding and experiencing these points both inside and outside of the kiting world.

These female kiters are working hard to create their legacies and to show others the way to their passion by contributing their best kiting knowledge to MentorMob’s Kiteboarding learning Guide, a free online learning Guide that allows anyone with an internet connection to start their own journey in the kiting world.  

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