How to Design a Swimwear Collection

January 02, 2019

How to Design a Swimwear Collection

A collection comes together after months and months of hard-work. I'm excited to walk you through our process for bringing 2019 to life! Make sure you tune in to instagram on January 10th for the live release of our High Vibes Collection. 

I oftentimes get asked, "Where do you get your inspiration". The answer may sound corny, but it's true-from everything. I'm a observer. I notice things. I travel through life with my eyes wide open and I'm excited by new things, whether that be experiences, skills or people. Therefore, I'm constantly on the look-out for design features, patterns and styles that could make a great bathing suit. I'm inspired throughout the year by my travels, by the clothing I see and by the magazines I read. I ingest it all in, snapping photos, taking notes and ripping pages so that when the time comes to distill, I'll have the reminders of what I've loved throughout the year. 

At a certain time, I must start collecting and categorizing my ideas. The distillation process is a legit PROCESS and takes time. The makings of a collection start coming together once I can pull a few colors out and start to notice a theme within the many snippets I've gathered over the past few months. 

For 2019, I was inspired by bold, saturated colors and strong prints. I started my swimwear brand so that I would have confidence that my bikini would stay on and in turn give myself more confidence on the water. With the 2019 Collection, I wanted to go back to my roots and serve up fierce confidence and positive messages to encourage each and every one of you to get out there and after it. 

I started compiling themes and prints and patterns on a pinterest board. Then I worked with graphic designer Hayley Russo to develop two prints for the collection: a bold stripe and a beautiful blue and white Shibori; prints that I had in my minds eye for sometime. Haley came back with some beautiful iterations and we narrowed it down to our final choices. 

While we develop new prints, we're also constantly working to improve existing body styles and develop new body styles. I put pen to paper to sketch new designs and then work with our pattern maker, Meeling, to mock up (oftentimes based off of existing patterns to give us a starting point) new patterns. We then cut, sew and test! Most often it takes at least two samples to get the pattern right but sometimes it takes us four or five! For 2019, we're launching a brand new tank top, a draw-string bottom, and two new bikini tops. If you're interested in pre-ordering, you can do so here! and here!

After we've developed our prints for the year and narrowed down what body styles we want to carry forward and which new body styles we like enough to keep, we sew up samples in our new prints. This sounds easy enough but with five prints and four solids, it takes me a LONG time to mock up CAD's for each body style in each color we want to move forward with. This happens before we pull the trigger on sewing so that we can make sure we like the combination of print and body style enough before wasting time and money sewing it up.

From there, we make final adjustments, cull the line even more and finally come up with a selection of goodies that we think you'll love! High-performing, great-quality, well-fitting, awesome-looking suits to help you live your best damn life. Can we get a heck yes?!

Behind the scenes, shooting the collection in Maui. 

The High Vibes Collection launches on January 10th! Mark your calendars-I'll be going live on instagram to share some of our favorite suits!

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Love, Sensi

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