2018 is Here! Introducing the Globetrotter Collection

January 05, 2018

2018 is Here! Introducing the Globetrotter Collection

We are super excited to release our 2018 “Globetrotter Collection”!

The Globetrotter Collection is influenced by, you guessed it, gallivanting around this big, beautiful planet of ours. The world is a big place and this collection seeks to inspire wanderlust and encourage our customers to go see as much of it as they can.

sensi graves bikinis sailing

From tropical inspired prints to fresh florals to graphic textiles, the Globetrotter Collection will make you want to book a ticket asap. On offer within the collection are our best-selling silhouettes as well as some new styles we can't wait to share with you, namely the Sofi top, the Alexa top for larger busts, and the Victoria top. All our pieces are designed to be super-wearable, fresh and supportive. Additionally, we’re introducing a second one-piece, a new full coverage surf suit, and two rashguards to round out the line and provide sun protection. 

sensi graves bikinis orange rashguard surf

Get inspired, get globe trotting! Join the adventure.

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